The Employment-based 1st preference categories we focus on are EB-1A "Extraordinary Ability" petitions and EB-1B "Outstanding Professor or Researcher" petitions. Both are stringent categories - an individual must be at the top of his or her field in order to qualify - but getting an EB-1 petition approved is one of the fastest ways to become green card-eligible. For this reason, both classifications are highly desirable, especially for foreign nationals who would otherwise face significant wait times.

Both categories require filing USCIS Form I-140 and are eligible for premium processing. The criteria are similar. They vary in terms of job offer requirements and fields of endeavor. EB-1A petitions can be filed by anyone in the arts, sciences, or athletics, and do not require a job offer. EB-1B petitions require that the applicant have a permanent teaching position within a higher learning or research institution, with at least three years of prior teaching or research experience.

 See our FAQs for more information about each designation.


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