Your rights

We believe that when you choose an immigration attorney, you have the right to:

      • Know exactly what your legal fee and related costs will be  
      • Have an attorney who specializes in immigration law
      • Understand all of the legal options that are available to you
      • A clear personalized strategic plan to reach your immigration goals as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost
      • Phone calls and emails answered by the next business day
      • Be kept informed about the status of your case and to receive copies of all the applications and related documents filed on your behalf
      • Proven success and specialized expertise with your specific type of immigration situation

Our Philosophy

At Curran and Berger LLP:

    • We are direct, specific and transparent about all legal fees and related costs.
    • We practice immigration law exclusively.
    • We will review all of the legal options that are available to you.
    • We will pay attention not just to the employer but also the individual applicant as well as their family.
    • We respond to phone calls and emails promptly, usually on the same day, and will keep you updated on the status of your case at all times.
    • We provide copies of all applications filed on your behalf.

Post-election action & information

Category: Firm Activities

Since the Trump election has upended several immigration programs and jeopardized many more, our firm has been active in helping immigrants and advocates navigate the new terrain. Here are some links that may be helpful. 

Advising in the Face of Uncertainty (Attorney Dan Berger and NAFSA)

Detailed, practical resources from NAFSA that will continue to be updated. Meant for campus advisors at colleges and universities, but includes helpful content for anyone navigating international travel in the wake of President Trump's executive order and developing institutional policies during a time of change. 

Immigration Post-Election Q&A: DACA Students, "Sanctuary Campuses" and Institutional or Community Assistance

An overview of the issues that DACA recipients face under the new presidency, as well as the concept of "sanctuary schools" and communities. Also addresses concerns about complying with federal requests for records identifying undocumented individuals. 

"Sanctuary Campuses" and other Immigration Questions and Answers Post-Election

Answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the future of DACA, including "What is the big picture?", "What would the end of DACA look like?" and "What can DACA students do right now, and how can campuses assist?"

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